aries : poppy, thistle, fern
taurus : daisy, dandelion, lily
gemini : tansy, yarrow, privet
cancer : water lilies, rushes
leo : sunflowers, chamomile, lavender
virgo : wintergreen, sage, privet
libra : pansy, primrose, violet, strawberry
scorpio : root vegetables, black poppy, hemlock
sagittarius : asparagus, chestnuts, soybeans
capricorn : hemlock, black poppy, burdock root
aquarius : dandelions, resins of frankincense and myrrh
pisces : mosses, ferns, seaweed

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Anonymous: Do you ever or will you ever show off your pierced nipples? I ask with all possible respect, as I admire the art of piercings, but I am asking anonymously so you won't hate me.

No they’re mine & my boyfriends to see.

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