it’s not a sunday unless you completely waste it then feel really sad around 8pm

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Never speak to me again, I’m done.

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Anonymous: Do you wear hair extensions? If not, I'm so jealous of your hair omg.

All my hair

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Anonymous: Make up artist? You're so deluded.

Aw thanks for not having a valid opinion ♡

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Looking for inspiration for a super bold eye look for work tomorrow, photo suggestions? much appreciated babes ♡ I’ll be looking for myself as well !!!

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Kansas City metro residents!

Help me build my portfolio and let me do a full face makeover on you tomorrow; I work 10am-5pm!! We have an awesome sale going on right now as well on foundations, and all DuWop products!

For further information on making an appointment for the future, or where my counter is located please use all the information listed below!

Text/Voicemail: 1(816)787-1748

number listed above is a google voice number, and it directs straight to voicemail when called.

I return all legitimate emails, voicemails, & text messages at least once a day.

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• send me messages , let’s be friends •

• pretty please & thank you ! •

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